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As the US Government pumps trillions of dollars into the economy week after week the inevitable outcome is inflation.  The national debt is currently 11 trillion (or it was last time I looked,  maybe it’s already up to 15).  Then there are all the liabilities which are going to be due in the future which add up to roughly another 60 trillion.

If you have ever seen some of those old news reels showing what happened in Germany between WW I and WW II, when it became necessary to push around a wheel barrow full of paper money in order to buy a loaf of bread, then you will have some reality on what happens when a government goes hog wild on printing money.  (And when I say “print” I mean in the electronic sense too.)

So what has this got to do with software?  Well, think of it this way:  When a loaf of bread costs $10,000,000,000 (as recently happened in Zimbabwe) then all those 32 bit ints that were being used to hold currency will be too small.  Of course if the developers of a system used Decimal or Double types to hold their currency then that system will probably be okay.  But if they didn’t … Sounds like we could hit another “Y2K” sort of problem.

Anyway, I’m hoping that someone in the government has a sudden attack of common sense and stops creating money and passing it to their friends in the banking industry to burn.

BTW, don’t blame me, I supported Ron Paul.


Written by gsdwriter

April 1, 2009 at 3:18 pm

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