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I’m glad to see that the folks at Preemptive Solutionsare not just sitting on their hands waiting for the money to roll in.  They are busy expanding the features of Dotfuscator and making it into more than “just” a code obfuscator.  Here is something from their developer blog that looks real interesting:

“So I’m happy that Dotfuscator CE is also joining the club. Dotfuscator CE can now inject the following behaviors:

  • Session tracking to determine what applications have been executed, what versions of those applications, and for how long.
  • Feature usage tracking to determine what features are being used, in what sequence, and for how long.
  • Application expiry to encode an end-of-life date, transmit alerts when applications are executed after their expiry date, and terminate expired application sessions. We call this “Shelf Life”.
  • Tamper defense to detect the execution of tampered applications, transmit incident alerts, and terminate tampered sessions.

On the server side, we’ve created a free version of our Runtime Intelligence Services Portal at To send session tracking, feature usage, and other notifications to the free service, just select the free endpoint as the destination for your messages when configuring Dotfuscator for injection (I’ll show you where to do this below). When you log in to the portal using the company ID you created, you can view the data your application is sending.”


These are features for the VS2010 version of Dotfuscator, but they sound good to me.



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July 25, 2009 at 10:59 am

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