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Synchronizing a domain password from a remote computer over VPN

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You’d think this would be simple because it’s something people have had to do for a long time.

My situation is this: I maintain an old system that is part VB6 and part .NET but the VB6 IDE does not run on Vista or Win7 (unless you have hardware virtualization and can use XP Mode), so I have a Windows XP virtual machine that I use.  It works great, but domain policy of the client requires a password change every 30 days.  This would be no big deal if I was in their office, but I’m not, so I had to figure out some way of synching up the domain credentials on the remote computer with those on the client’s network so that things like connecting up to the CVS repository (yes, they still use it) would work.

I Googled and Binged it but only found incomplete “solutions” or way complicated “solutions”.

The simplest solution was “lock the computer, then unlock and you’ll be asked for the new credentials” – didn’t work.  But after trying a couple of things I figured out something that did work and forced the “lock the computer” solution to work:  I mapped a network drive, using my new credentials and after a few seconds I got one of those XP balloon messages telling me that I needed to lock the computer and then log in with the new password. So I did and it worked.

So the real solution (at least on Windows XP) is:

Connect up to a network resource using the new credentials and after a few minutes Windows will ask you to lock your computer and log in using the new credentials.

I don’t remain connected to network resources on the VM, but maybe if I did, that would also force the synch.  If you remain connected to network resources then please tell me if that also works.

I hope that helps.


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January 31, 2010 at 3:58 pm

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