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I’ve recently come across some good intro podcasts on node.js.

I’ve been listening to the .NET Rocks podcast for a while now and their latest show is a talk with Tomasz Janczuk, the guy at Microsoft who is working on porting node.js to Windows and IIS. It’s a good intro for all types of developers but is probably aimed at .NET devs more than open source or Java devs.

» .NET Rocks – Show 711: Tomasz Janczuk Builds Web Apps with node.js – As well as the basics on what node.js is and how you use it, there is some very good data on when you’d use iisnode versus basic node.exe.

I only came across the Herding Code podcast a few weeks ago, but I like it so much that I’ve already caught up on all the shows for this year and a couple of the earlier ones that covered topics I’m interested in. The four presenters are real pro devs and the discussions are always really lively, funny and interesting.

There are two node.js related shows:

» Herding Code 102: Tim Caswell on Node.js – this is an excellent intro that goes beyond the basics and explains the event loop of node and the non-blocking async programming model it uses. This gives you a good foundation.

» Herding Code 122: Bert Belder on porting Node.js to Windows – This is about more than just porting node to Windows, which is very interesting in itself, it builds on show 102, so listen to that one first.

I hope these are helpful.


Written by gsdwriter

November 2, 2011 at 10:14 am

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