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Why Windows 8 will be a huge success

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I really like Windows 8.  But I’m just a lowly developer who uses a computer all day long so I’m not an average user and my opinion on the success or failure potential for Windows 8 doesn’t really count for much.

But this morning I had confirmation from an unbiased source that Windows 8 will be an enormous success.

This morning, my wife, who has NEVER EVER praised a piece of software, never mind an operating system, said, “I love Windows 8.”

I almost choked on my mouthful of breakfast and it took me several minutes to recover from the shock.  All I ever got from her before this were complaints that “Yahoo mail is slow” or “Facebook is slow” or “I can’t find my file in Microsoft.”  But this morning she told me, “I love Windows 8.  It’s so fast.”

And that’s also the main reason I like it – IT’S SO FAST.  The Windows 8 machine my wife has been using is a machine that previously ran Windows 7, so it’s not new hardware that’s causing the improvement.  I also installed it on a machine at work where I upgraded rather than running a fresh install and IT’S SO FAST on that machine too.  So the speed improvement is not due to hardware or cleaning out the Registry.

So if my computer semi-literate wife “loves Windows 8” then there is no question it’s going to be a success.

What’s even more amazing is that because she actually likes the Windows 8 user experience, she is finally willing to have me show her how to do other things on the computer.  So this weekend I showed her how to use OneNote and she started using it.  Then she wanted me to show her how to customize the lock screen and she wanted a desktop theme installed.  She NEVER EVER asked me for any of that before.  In the past she used it for her email and Facebook and Netflix and that was it.  Now she’s actually interested in learning more and using more.  That is a feat I haven’t been able to achieve after years of trying and now, after only three weeks, Windows 8 has somehow gotten her interested in learning more about all aspects of the computer.

So, there you are.  That is why Windows 8 will be a huge success.


Written by gsdwriter

October 22, 2012 at 11:08 am

Posted in Musings, Windows 8

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  1. That is very interesting. I’d like to see Microsoft have a winner with Win8. It also bodes well for them getting into the mobile field if users take to the Metro interface. I’m currently working with mobile apps, and so far the users only know or care about iPhone and Android.


    October 22, 2012 at 5:27 pm

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